Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New Life

Last December, we posted several holiday gift ideas that, in one way or another, benefited childhood cancer research, patient services, or survivorship. The most important post, Give Life, is one that we are reminded of nearly every day as we continue to learn of someone else in need of blood, bone marrow, or an organ. We have seen the miracles these gifts provide, so we again encourage everyone to please, please donate blood and register to be a bone marrow and organ donor. These truly are the gifts of life!

And now back to Christmas 2003: The Year We Had Our Elvis Baby.

On October 1st, Ivy Francis Moore came barreling into this world with a jet black mohawk, smooth olive skin, and dark chocolate eyes. Upon meeting her moments after birth (as I was nursing her for the first time), three-year-old Georgia Lee turned to her daddy and said, "Is she a mammal?" And so was born the greatest Sister Power team of all time.

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