Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We interrupt this Twelve Years of Christmas series to bring you Georgia's Surprise Early Birthday Party!


Six of her best Parkside pals conspired with me to make this "the BEST birthday" Georgia ever had, and I daresay, we pulled it off! The girls were eager to practice hiding and surprising the Birthday Girl:

Once the guest of honor arrived, and was completely surprised (see above), we moved on to the pizza party portion of the night:

Next up, ice skating! At the beautiful Barton Creek Resort - where a portion of ticket sales is being donated to Make-A-Wish! Go, Austin friends! It's beautiful!

Then it was time for candles and cupcakes - and Mr. Spriggy pins for everyone, also to benefit Make-A-Wish!

Everyone had a great time, even though Mommy had to gulp when she saw that big number on top of the cupcakes!

Thank you, sweet friends!

Happy Early Birthday, my brave and beautiful girl!


  1. Happy early birthday, Georgia! What great friends (and parents) you have! xoxoxo

  2. Love, love, LOVE this blog and all of you. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and best wishes from San Angelo!!!

  3. Looked like you had a wonderful time! Happy Birthday Georgia and Merry Christmas to all! Claire:)

  4. Happy birthday, G! Looks like a fun party!