Saturday, December 17, 2011

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... And on the ninth year of our Twelve Years of Christmas, my true loves looked like this:

Christmas 2008

And Georgia was a Waltzing Flower in The Nutcracker

I neglected to mention in the last post that Georgia's appointment on Thursday was pretty uneventful - except that Dr. Neff has injured his back and had to leave early for his own appointment. Too much monkey walk, methinks. Anyway, we hope he feels better soon! As for our own patient, her meds were upped to 75% of her usual dose, which is up from the 50% dose she was on since restarting her meds two weeks ago. It seems that if you ever have to hold medicine during maintenance, like we did for the past month or so, you don't restart at the full dosage, but this doesn't effect the protocol timeline like it would (and did) in the first four phases of treatment. She does have an appointment in two weeks (we were hoping for four) to check counts, but it's not scheduled on her birthday or her diagnosis anniversary, which is good because we'll be too busy partying! All this to say, Georgia is quickly wrapping up her sixth cycle of maintenance and has approximately one and a half cycles to go! Say it with me folks, FOUR MONTHS!

As always, we are beyond thrilled and thankful for Georgia's success in treatment and the incredible loving care she has received from everyone at Dell Children's Medical Center and the Children's Blood and Cancer Center. It is our mission and our pleasure to acknowledge and support the amazing folks working in those halls and the warrior children they treat, so as a small gesture, we'd love for our local Friends of Georgia to consider donating a book to the Half Pint Library this Christmas:

I can't think of a better way to honor the biggest book lover we know and to share the joy of reading with some very special kids. Out-of-towners can send books to us, and we'll be happy to deliver them to the hospital. Thanks, y'all!

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