Friday, December 24, 2010

Give Life

For our final gift idea this year, we want to encourage you to give the ultimate gift of good health:

Give Life

First, donate blood. We have been overwhelmed by your willingness to roll up your sleeves in honor of Georgia, and thanks to you, the Blood Center of Central Texas has another 150+ units of blood at the ready - and counting! We hope blood donation will become a regular event for all of our generous donors as there is always a need for blood and blood products throughout the year. Right now, if you donate at any of the Austin-area blood banks by January 4th, you'll receive a pint of delicious Amy's Ice Cream! And if you live outside the area, we encourage you to visit your local blood bank and donate!

Next, register as a bone marrow donor. The National Marrow Donation Program is constantly searching for donors to match patients with leukemia, lymphoma, and other diseases in need of a life-saving transplant. The NMDP website is full of information for potential donors, including facts and myths about the registration and donation process, so take a look and please consider registering. All it takes to join is a cheek swab from you, and you could Be the Match that makes the difference!

Finally, register as an organ donor. This national site is a great place to learn more about donation and transplantation, and if you're in Texas, you can register online at the Glenda Dawson Donate Life - Texas Registry. Our dear little Liam is currently awaiting his new heart in Houston, thanks to another family who chose to give this incredible gift of life. We're sending special love and prayers to him and his family, and all the other patients and families facing serious illnesses this holiday.

Thank you thank you thank you for the many "gifts" you've given our family this year, and we hope you're able to celebrate with the ones you love.

This tree is from the American Childhood Cancer Organization's Annual Tree Lighting Event in Washington D.C.. Each gold ribbon on the 23-foot tree represents a childhood cancer survivor - including one for Georgia Lee! To learn more, visit ACCO's site here.


  1. Hey we got the christmas card! Adorable and Inspiring:) we realized that me, my mom, and gail have the same Lang's nightgown as Georgia and Ivy!! How cool:-) MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Love, the Nichols Girls

  2. Hi Georgia~
    I saw a link to your blog on a facebook post by Be The Match. You give me hope. My grndson Brayden was diagnosed with ALL 30 days ago. He was 18 months. We just completed his first month of treatment, and its still very hard to deal with. Seeing your blog helps me see that it can be ok, and makes me less afraid. Thank you for sharing. sara young

  3. I love your article and realized as I read that I have done all three of the gifts you suggested. I got motivated by a story I listened to on NPR couple months ago. It got me so inspired that within a week I started by donating blood (conquering my fear of needles as a plus). Later I completed the registration as a bone marrow donor via Be the Match Foundation ( and got registered as an organ donor here in FL. How do I feel? absolutely Grrreat!! Thank you for sharing this and Happy New Year!