Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Round Three

Actually, Cycle Three. Tomorrow is the kick-off of Georgia's third 85-day cycle of maintenance. She'll get her 17th LP-ITC, plus IV chemo, and she'll start another short round of steroids. While she's not exactly looking forward to day surgery (who does?!), she can't wait to see her friends (her beloved nurses!) at the clinic and the hospital. Any prayers, good thoughts, or well-wishes would be greatly appreciated about 10 am tomorrow! Thanks, y'all!


  1. I'm sure they'll all be so excited to see you too, Georgia! Good luck. :)

  2. I'll go ahead and start thinking good thoughts now and keep them going for few days, but I'll concentrate extra hard at 10:00.

    You're my hero, girl.

    -Uncle Trent

  3. Thinking of you and sending you boom-boom-pow thoughts!