Monday, August 9, 2010

World Premiere

So, we didn't quite make it to the big screen premiere of Georgia's claymation project, but we can proudly present it to you here, on the small screen! "Love Stinks" is the romantic tale of an orange who falls in love with a shadow hand, to the great disappointment of an apple and a worm. Georgia is the voice of the orange, and everything you see and hear was created and produced by her and her team of fellow fledgling filmmakers. We give it two Hook 'em Horns up!

We spent the better part of seven hours at the clinic today, but thankfully, Georgia is now through with 20% of the last round of Erwinia shots! She was also pumped up with two units of generously-donated blood, so those counts should be coming up soon - just in time to knock out the rest of this Delayed Intensification phase. Bring it on!


  1. Claire, Vivi, and I just watched and loved your awesome video! Vivi liked the music and Claire liked the orange with the red lips. Great job Georgia!

    Love, Aunt Kate

  2. That is so cool Georgia! Wow, frame by frame must have been tedious! Have you gotton your hat? Love.......Claire

  3. Georgia- I went to highschool with your mama! My daughter Jamie thinks this was sooooo cool. She is 11 and loves to do stop motion videos. Have your mama show you on Facebook! Be strong! Keep on Trucken!!!!!!