Saturday, August 28, 2010

Back In The Swim

She's ready for action! After a fabulous swim party with her class yesterday, Georgia is literally counting the minutes to the first day of school. To think, just 24 hours before she was diving in yesterday, she was having her first maintenance day surgery! Mind over matter, and all that. A great time was had by all - even Ivy got in on the fun, choosing to dine "al agua," assuming there is such a term:

We've got a few more details to attend to and a special feast to plan for tomorrow night, but I know Monday can't get here fast enough for Georgia. Just keep swimming ...

P.S. Two weeks 'til the CureSearch Walk! PLEASE support The Peachy Keens!
P.P.S. Two weeks 'til the Ice Cream Social! PLEASE come join us!


  1. Hey, you don't have to wait any longer, Georgia. By the time you read this post Monday will be here. Have a great school year, enjoy your friends and be really nice to your teacher :-) I know she'll be glad to see you and if your teacher is a man...well, he'll be glad to see you!

    Love from CA, Julia, Paul and Sam

  2. weeee! ounds like fun!