Tuesday, August 24, 2010

And Away We Go?

With all the excitement of Thursday, I forgot to mention that Georgia may be starting maintenance as early as this Thursday! She's been taking it easy and looking and feeling better every day, so if her numbers are high enough this week, we're going for it. I'm still not clear on what the whole maintenance schedule will look like, but I do know that whenever we do get to do the first day surgery, she won't have another one for THREE months! Won't that be nice?! So powerful prayers and good thoughts for a "Go For Launch" on Thursday would be much appreciated! Thanks!

Also much appreciated? Your support, as The Peachy Keens walk for a cure! Please consider donating to the team by clicking on the link in the sidebar - we're just a little over two weeks away from the big event on September 11th. Which means we're also that close to the other big event - Georgia's Back-to-Health Ice Cream Party! We'll post more details soon ...

And finally, the World's Best Billboard has now moved to South Congress, right above Jo's. Check it out!

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