Friday, April 16, 2010

Quick Update

So we were a "no go" for medicine today - Georgia's counts weren't high enough. Plus, she's still got a bit of a cough and some congestion, so she'll have a few extra days to get completely over that and build up those white cells at the same time. Actually, as much as we want to get through everything as quickly as we can, I'm kind of glad she'll have more time to rest up for next week and continue the fight. Little by little, we're getting there!

* Special note to Luke: Georgia says "Hi!" and good luck at your new school! : )


  1. Hello everybody-- we hope you had a nice weekend and Monday too. Owen wanted to say hi so I want to make sure to type that first off! O got a haircut today and he was pretty excited at first but something made him sad or mad during the cut and he silently pouted with a huge upside down frown and a tear rolled down his cheek. It was pretty funny and the haircut turned out really other news, Evelyn is busy getting big and trying to pull up on things. She is pushing a year already. She reminds me of Georgia and Ivy because she loves pasta! She is an avid eater and already has tried foods that Owen still refuses. Well, it's a little too quiet in the living room so something horrible has probably just happened...better go see what Owen is up too


  2. OMG sorry I haven't been bloggin' as much I've been so busy, but I promise I will try to blog more.
    Your friend,
    Emma :)