Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kindness of Others

Georgia has received many wonderful gifts since she was diagnosed. She's gotten cards, letters, emails, and blog comments. She's gotten balloons, flowers, sweets, and treats like books, games, and puzzles. She's also gotten some lovely handmade hats, blankets, and prayer shawls. We are so appreciative of everyone's thoughtfulness and generosity! THANK YOU!

That said, this past Sunday, we were all treated to a fun afternoon, courtesy of the Starlight Foundation - we went to see the Harlem Globetrotters! Trevor and I both remember seeing them when we were about Georgia's age. In fact, because my dad knew somebody, I got to watch the game from the score table and even checked in Curly Neal. Yes, I am that old. The current team was, of course, fabulous and funny, and we all enjoyed the show.

Some very big, very fancy kicks

"The Big Easy"

"Flight Time"

The Magic Circle
(to the tune of "Sweet Georgia Brown," natch)

The Old "Ref, you need glasses!" Bit

Georgia's had a pretty good week since her last clinic visit - we've all been battling colds, but I think we're over the hump. GG has come to stay for the week, so the card games and puzzles have been non-stop, and we've been monitoring the growth of the newest additions to the family - two tadpoles! Friday's clinic appointment will be a long one, including day surgery for IT chemotherapy and the first of our new and improved asparaginase shots, so Georgia could really use your good wishes that day!

Also, we're just about three weeks away from Will's first race and the blood drive in Georgia's honor, so click on those icons in the sidebar for more info. And if you want to donate blood (please!), make sure to sign up for an appointment. Georgia is planning on being at both the race kick-off that Saturday and the party that Sunday, so at least stop by and say hi - she'd love to see all of you! Thanks again, for everything!


  1. We will be sending good thoughts all day tomorrow for Georgia! We can't wait to see you all again in May!

    On a side note, I was checking the blog for updates on Tuesday evening and when I didn't see one I clicked to another tab, but Abi must have noticed the orange page with blue dots and she quickly exclaimed, "I want to see Georgia, go back Mommy!" so we scrolled thru the old blog posts to see pics of Georgia and she thinks it is really cool that Daddy is on Georgia's page too.

    Thinking of you,
    -Dianna & Will Bacon

  2. Hey Georgia, that looked so AWESOME! If you've ever watched amazing race Flight Time and Big Easy were on it as a team, although they didn't win! :(
    Your friend,

  3. Georgia-- that looked like so much fun!!

    Have fun with GG and good luck tomorrow. You'll be on my mind, as usual!

  4. Wow! Way cool, seeing the Globetrotters.
    Good luck with the long day at the clinic.
    Laura G.

  5. We'll have you on our minds all day tomorrow!! I love the Globetrotters. When I was little I remember they were on an episode of Scooby Doo if you can believe it!
    We love you!!
    Aunt Meghan