Monday, April 19, 2010

Germ Warfare

In an effort to keep Georgia fever-free, we've been pulling out all the stops: cleaning with Super Clorox, washing/sanitizing hands at every turn, avoiding crowds, screening visitors, and wearing masks when necessary. Surgical masks, not ski masks or crazy Halloween masks. We thought we'd covered everything, but thankfully, MAD magazine was there to set us straight:
Have a good week, y'all! : )


  1. thanks for the update for helping us all keep our sense of humor when things can seem really scary or intense ... we look forward to donating blood this week for Georgia ... let us know if she has a favorite author or reading subject and we'll pick up some good reads for her ...renee, john and jonah

  2. The Nichols GirlsApril 20, 2010 at 4:55 PM

    Ha-ha I love that! Hope you feel okay Georgia! We are thinking of you!Love....Claire

  3. That poster thing was kinda funny :).
    I will try to post more and I really hope you feel better.
    Your friend,

  4. Hey, Georgia! I laughed pretty hard at that poster and I hope it cheers you up as much as it does me!
    We miss you back at school SO, VERY, REALLY, TERRIBLY, HORRIBLY, AMAZINGLY bad!!!

    Sincerely and with much love,
    Ava <3