Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How's Georgia?

She really is! She's shaken off the end of the PEG effects, and today was her last day of the Consolidation phase! YAY! As expected, Dr. Neff switched her to the alternative asparaginase shot - Erwinia, for those of you keeping score at home - which she starts next Thursday. Because she has to have six for every one PEG shot she was supposed to have, each round takes 12 days - one or two shots (depending on the dose) every other day. And we've got four rounds to go, so the mind boggles at the numbers, but it is what it is. There is a chance she could be allergic to this version as well, but it's not as likely as it was with the PEG version. Also, her white blood count is extremely low at the moment (ANC is 90!), which is not unusual, but it has to be much higher for her to even begin the Interim Maintenance phase next week, so here's hoping she's on an upswing and that we can keep her free of infection this week!

Otherwise, Georgia is soldiering on, as usual. Yesterday, she had a neuro/psych evaluation - sort of an IQ/learning strengths and weaknesses exam. This is a common part of treatment to determine how she learns and processes information through a series of puzzles, word games, memory exercises, etc.. After treatment, we can use this baseline to see what effect, if any, her medicines have had on her learning and what adjustments we need to make in the classroom and/or at home. Ever the eager student, Georgia LOVED the whole thing and can't wait to get the results. I'm just glad she could put her books down long enough to actually participate in the evaluation!

In other news, Georgia's Uncle Trent and Aunt Kate have graciously invited ALL of you, and everyone you know, and their mothers, too, to a Blood Drive at their home on May 2nd. In honor of Georgia, we're encouraging anyone who can to donate blood and ensure that there's enough to go around in the likely event Georgia, or someone just like her, needs a transfusion during the course of her treatment. She's already received generously donated blood five times since January, and knowing that there is a safe, steady supply available is a huge comfort to all of us. SO, if you'll be in the Austin area on May 2nd, please consider donating! For more information and to sign up for a donation appointment, click on the icon in the sidebar or visit the events page on the Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind Facebook page and follow the link there. If all of the appointment slots are filled, check back because we're adding more! And if you can't donate at Georgia's Blood Drive, please consider donating at your local blood center. Thank you!


  1. This is ALL good news (aside from the college-level math required to fully understand this post).

    Although I can't give blood (for obvious reasons), I am going to get the word out like crazy and try and lasso my very able-bodied husband to commit a pint or so.

    Go, Georgia, Go!!

  2. Keep up the good work, Georgia. Awesome job you are all doing keeping healthy.

    I used to be a regular blood donor but thought I could never donate again. However just to be sure I reviewed the eligibility criteria posted on the Blood Center of Central Texas website and discovered that as of this winter I am eligible again!! It will be a privilege to donate my first pint in your honor. :)

  3. Great news, Georgia! I am so glad you are doing so well! I loved seeing the pictures of you, your Mom, Grandma Leslie, Poppa John (and others) with the "new look". ALL beautiful people - especially YOU!!! We think of you everyday. Hugs to all!
    Carolyn in the Woodlands

  4. The Nichols GirlsApril 8, 2010 at 4:02 PM

    You keep going Georgia! You are rockin' girl! Don't let that low 90 get you down! We are thinking of you every day! Love...Claire

  5. YES!!!! You keep going Georgia Girl. I know you have been through so much but your strong fight will continue. I will be thinking of you on Friday. I loved seeing you and the Easter dog. How cute was that. Never forget all your old and new friends are cheering you on. Hugs,kisses and prayers. Terrye Jones

  6. Hi everybody! We miss y'all and hope everybody is feeling good up in Austin. Tonight Evelyn had pasta and cheese for the first time and she was literally dancing for joy! I just wanted to share that. Owen and jeff went camping and when Owen came home he looked like Tom Sawyer! When I tried to give him a bath he was screaming "no soap no soap" UH-OH! Well that is our news for now. We love you guys!

    The New Braunfels Hunts

  7. Hey Georgia, SORRY I haven't been bloggin' for a while, I've been busy, but I'll make it up I promise. I've been wonderin', have you gotten anything in the MAIL????!!!!
    Your friend,