Thursday, March 31, 2016

All Smiles 2.0!

Tuesday's endocrinology appointment went very well, and although we still have lab results and bone scans to get back, all signs are pointing upward and onward! They were pleased - and amazed - by how much Georgia has grown since going off treatment, especially in the last year or so, and the bone age test that's coming up will show us if her growth plates have fully fused as they should. Unless the labs tell us something different, we'll continue the supplement regimen as it is for at least another year, but she'll need some level of supplement throughout her life to stay ahead of any further damage and to keep from reversing the good work she's done over the last three years. And because she hasn't had the headaches she was experiencing last spring, we're confident they were blood sugar-related. As long as she continues to fuel up after exercise, she shouldn't have any further problems there either. So all in all, Georgia is in great shape heading into her 5th year off treatment - 13 months until the BIG day!

Celebrating 47 months with migas, as you do.

As much as we're always looking forward, we're often looking back as well, and it was this time last year that Ivy braved the shave in honor of Georgia. That was really something, wasn't it?

She still talks about that whole experience, and we're still just as proud of her as ever. And one year later, she's got another new look ...


She's looking at about 18 months with her new tin grin, just like Georgia, and she's actually thrilled about it. As if I could love that smile any more than I already do ... : )

Somehow, April starts tomorrow, and we've got a few events on the near horizon. We've been invited to a St. Baldrick's shave at UT next weekend, our annual blood drive is in May, and we're planning our MaxLove ambassador trip to the clinic - thanks to everyone who donated! We're also working on a couple of other fundraising ideas for the spring and the fall, and we hope to have details on those soon. And in just under four months, I'll be shaving with the 46 Mommas in Las Vegas for our Lucky 7 event! So, lots of opportunities to raise awareness, hope, and funds for research, and we're more than happy to be able to do it. Thank y'all for your continued support!

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