Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Moon and Stars

Well, we've got the first two weeks back at school under our belts, and we're off to a great spring semester! Georgia has two more months of swim season, and Ivy has started rehearsals with her girls' advocacy performance group. Driving practice is going well, too! We're also planning our trip to Boston and already talking about some summer plans. In particular, Georgia is considering applying for a young writer's conference at Sewanee! It's a very competitive program, so it's a real long-shot, but she's up for the challenge. Besides, she's handled much bigger fish ... and she happens to be one.

We also know that Georgia is a STAR, in more ways than one, and the Moon and Stars happen to be on our mind right now. In case you missed the President's final State of the Union address last week, he announced a “moonshot” to cure cancer: a new national effort to conquer cancer once and for all. This is beautiful music to our ears, of course, but just as it took thousands of people and hours and millions of dollars to get us to the moon, it will take that and then some to bring an end to cancer. One quick and simple way to help is to contact your representatives on Capitol Hill and urge them to cosponsor the STAR Act. You've stepped up for us before, and we're asking you to please do it again - we've got the momentum, so let's use it! To the MOON, y'all!

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  1. Whoh. She looks ready for the Olympics. My how time flies and accomplishments accumulate. I am ecstatic to hear how wonderful your family is. Although, the Moonshot is of great importance, I was really proud that Mr. VP agreed to head the efforts after his own, recent loss. That's to be admired.--Matt Stern