Sunday, January 31, 2016

Going to 11

Even though it seems like she just started 6th grade, Georgia has been at the Ann Richards School for over four years, and this week, she's planning her schedule for her JUNIOR year! And equally hard for me to wrap my head around is that she'll be taking AP Calculus! Is there anything this girl can't do?!

She once again served as a tour guide at the Open House last week, and the mighty Ann Richards Swim Team - including your favorite relay anchor - qualified for the regional swim meet after a great showing at the district meet. They may not be the fastest ones in the pool, but all of the girls try their very best, and they're having a great time together, so it really is a win-win for all! 

We're working on our fundraising plan for this  year and will update soon with some of those details. For now, we thank you again and again for all of your support over the last six years. Georgia just marked 45 months off treatment, and you're a HUGE part of her continued success!

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