Monday, June 15, 2015

Stepping Out - and Up!

We've made it to Colorado after a couple of days on the road. Everything is so green in this area, and we've enjoyed the scattered mountain showers that have been missing the last two times we've been here. There is a full slate of activities planned, but number one on the list is to RELAX. Georgia and Ivy both worked very hard in school this year, and a week to celebrate and "do nothing" is the least we can give them!

And while we're running amok in the Rockies, many fierce friends and fellow advocates are descending on DC today and tomorrow for Childhood Cancer Action Days. They are stepping up for all of us and telling the powers-that-be to make childhood cancer a national priority. In particular, they are asking for support of increased funding for the National Institute of Health and National Cancer Institute, as well as co-sponsorship of the Childhood Cancer Survivorship, Treatment, Access, and Research (STAR) Act. The STAR Act would expand child, adolescent, and young adult cancer research, develop model systems to help improve survivors’ care, improve tracking of cancer incidences, and identify opportunities to expand the development of therapeutics for all childhood cancers. Big, big stuff that means a lot to all families of children fighting - or who have fought - cancer. If you'd consider telling your representatives to #StepUp, we'd sure appreciate it! Click HERE for ways you can help. Thanks, y'all!

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