Monday, July 13, 2015

Hittin' the Road!

It's hard to wrap my mind around, but Georgia is now taking ... Driver's Ed! She's actually enjoying it, learning a lot (which she reminds me of as I'm driving :)), and looking forward to getting behind the wheel herself. The first step is getting her learner's permit, which we did on Thursday!

Ready to roll!

I'm also hitting the road this weekend for a St. Baldrick's conference in Los Angeles. They're bringing together Volunteer Event Organizers from around the country to share ideas, and I was asked to give a keynote speech about Georgia's journey and our involvement with the organization. I'm very honored to be asked to speak, but I'm looking forward to meeting other VEOs and hearing about their events as well. We're so proud to have been a part of St. Baldrick's for the past five years, and we'll be here until we CONQUER childhood cancer! If you want to be a part of the Peachy Keen Express, click HERE to join us!

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