Thursday, July 23, 2015

Celebrate Good Times - Come On!

What a week! We are still floating on air after the grant announcement last week, and over the weekend, I had an incredible time at the VEO conference in Los Angeles. Sitting in a room full of people as passionate as we are about this cause was so inspiring - and energizing! By Saturday night, I had an entire event planned in my head! I'm looking forward to taking some of the new ideas and new connections I made and turning them into a stellar event next year, so stay tuned ...

Momma Alyson, my partner-in-planning

 A great team of folks from Las Vegas

In the meantime, today is my birthday! I can't thank all of you enough for your support over the past five years (see the post below!), but we know that we still have a ways to go in the fight against childhood cancer. Nothing could make me happier on my birthday (or any day!) than a donation to the St. Baldrick's Foundation, so if you want to be a hero for kids with cancer, click HERE to help fund the latest and greatest childhood cancer research. Thank you!

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