Monday, March 9, 2015

Moving the Needle

Well, THAT was a huge success! Our Amplify Austin campaign far exceeded our expectations as we blew past our $10K goal and pulled in over $30K - every dollar of which will be matched by a generous family at our school! The grand total for the city-wide campaign was over $7.7 million, in just 24 hours! We know first-hand how generous people can be, and the fact that some give so much, so often (we're looking at you, Friends of Georgia! Thank you!) is just amazing. Helping others has always been a priority in our family, but having also been the "helped," it makes it even more important for us to give back. 

We toasted to the love and support of our school community 
with Joe and Claire, our directors and angels on this Earth.

We're also humbled by the success so far of our 15 for 15 in '15 campaign, and in particular, Miss Ivy's fundraising abilities! She's spreading the word far and wide that she's shaving her head to conquer childhood cancer, and the response has been so great, she's upping her goal - again! She's instructed me to raise it to $1500 "because this IS our 15 for 15 in '15 year, Mommy!" I do as I'm told, and if you haven't donated yet, please consider supporting our fierce girl! The big day is just under two weeks away! Thanks, y'all!

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