Thursday, March 5, 2015

Amplify the LOVE

As expected, Georgia's survivorship follow-up appointment went very well, and we are going to stay the course in our hunt for the cause of her headaches. Unfortunately, Dr. Neff had a newly-diagnosed patient in the office that morning, so we weren't able to see him, and we, of course, feel for the family just beginning a similar journey. All the more reason to continue raising awareness, hope, and funds for research - it's the Peachy Keen way!

In other fundraising news, we are currently in the thick of this year's Amplify Austin online giving campaign, from 6 PM tonight to 6 PM tomorrow. We have benefited from so many of the over 500 non-profits that are participating this year, but we are personally fundraising for our beloved Parkside Community School's scholarship program. Georgia and Ivy are both the wonderful students and amazing humans they are thanks in large part to their experience at Parkside, and we are grateful every day for the last nine years we've spent there. If you believe in educating the whole child in a creative, challenging, and nurturing environment, please consider supporting this magical school! Click HERE to donate by 6 PM CST tomorrow - thank you!!!

June 2011 - Georgia and Ivy's last day together at Parkside

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