Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Madness!

March is a BIG month for St. Baldrick's events - over 700! - mainly because the very first event was held on St. Patrick's Day, hence the organization's name: St. Patrick's + Bald = St. Baldrick's. The color green, the shamrock symbol, and our old pal Lucky are all reminders of that fateful day when the greatest hope for childhood cancer research funding was born. ANY day is a good day to shave your head for the kids, but here are some great reasons to shave on St. Patrick's Day in particular. Or if you'd like to join The Peachy Keens and shave with Ivy on March 21st, that can be arranged, too!

We follow up with survivorship on Tuesday and will report back pronto. Have a great week, y'all and Happy March!

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