Monday, October 20, 2014


Another fun-filled, so-busy-but-we'll-take-it kind of week! First, Georgia's swim meet on Monday was a huge success! At first, the weather looked like it might not cooperate, but after delaying the start for a hour, the sun came out, and it was a gorgeous day. Georgia may not be the fastest one in the pool, but nobody swims with as much heart and determination. To see her out there was a true thing of beauty, and we could not be more proud - or grateful!

Just keep swimming, baby girl. You've already won your race.

It was Homecoming at Ann Richards, too, so our favorite swimmer got to wear her team shirt on Spirit Day! And speaking of school, she also brought home *another* straight-A report card for her first six weeks of high school and was selected once again as an ARS student ambassador for the year. She is unstoppable!

We capped off the week with the annual Badgerdog book release at the Texas Teen Book Festival. Neither Georgia nor Ivy read this year, but they were excited to see their latest works in print and get autographs from their fellow published writers. Cousin Claire participated this summer as well, so it appears we now have the Moore Family Writing Dynasty firmly established. Look out, Brontes!

Wednesday is Georgia's second survivorship appointment, and Thursday is her second swim meet. Throw in play practice all week and a lock-in with the NJHS on Friday, and I have a feeling someone will be ready for the weekend and some rest on Saturday! But she is happy, healthy, and having fun, so we are grateful to witness the whirlwind and soak up every minute. Life is good!

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