Thursday, October 23, 2014

Getting Along Swimmingly

Yesterday's survivorship appointment went very well - the best news is that Georgia's Vitamin D level was in the NORMAL range! So the supplements are having an effect in that regard, and we'll see what that looks like in her bone density scan when we go to the endocrinologist in March.  Blood counts were "super," and everything else checked out as well, so she won't be back there until the new year! Yes!

And after three days of practice this week, she spent the whole day today at her second swim meet. She swam the 50 and 100 freestyle again, and from last Monday's meet, she took a second off of her 50 time and 5 seconds off of her 100 time! Again I say, YES! She told me that swimming is hard, but in a good way, and she LOVES it - the early, early morning practices and all. So we love it, too.

Round Rock pool - 2004 and 2014. Still smiling.

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