Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Shining Star

The word from endocrinology today is: stay the course. At the moment, at least. They have a lot of labs to look at, and we'll add the bone density scan and an ankle x-ray to the mix next week. Georgia is to continue wearing her brace, as needed, and to avoid running and the like until further notice. The Catch-22 is she needs weight-bearing exercise to help build her bones, but too much stomping or pounding on her feet and ankles gives her problems. There's a solution in there somewhere, and we're going to find it any minute! For now, Georgia's going to think positive and build a Longhorn birdhouse!

Hook 'em!

She shared this masterpiece with us at a student-led school conference we attended recently. Georgia had created a portfolio of her work from several classes, and she walked us through a survey of her plans and interests for high school and - gulp! - college! Lots of great things in her future, and we were very impressed with her preparation and overall handling of the conference. So grown up!

Our girl brought home another straight-A report card last week, and on Monday, she participated in a poetry workshop. Published poets will review and critique her work, so she was very excited. It's "just" another wonderful opportunity provided by the Ann Richards School and its incredible faculty and administration. We are lucky to have the private Ann Richards School Foundation subsidizing so many of these enrichment programs, so we will once again be supporting the Foundation during this year's Amplify Austin charitable giving campaign. Several other non-profits that are near and dear to us will also be participating, and we'll provide those links in the coming week as well. The event takes place March 20-21, and the goal this year is $4 million in 24 hours! I think the Foundation has an advantage already - look who they put on their campaign page:

Georgia and two of her besties

*** Austin-area friends: The Blood and Tissue Center of Central Texas is experiencing a critical shortage of O+ blood. If you can donate within the next few days, please do! It only took me 30 minutes to donate today. Thank you! ***

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