Saturday, March 2, 2013

10 Months OT!

So even though February didn't have a 29th this year, we're marking Georgia's 10th month off of treatment anyway! The report from her follow-up with Dr. Murdock this week was great - her ankle is healing nicely, and she can ditch the boot for good. The blood work showed that her calcium level was normal, but (like many folks these days) she's a little low in Vitamin D, easily remedied with a supplement. Because she could still have bone loss despite the normal calcium level, he agreed that a bone density scan is a good idea. We'll knock that out over Spring Break, which is almost here!

Also on the horizon for our local friends and family is Amplify Austin! This charitable giving campaign aims to raise $1 million in 24 hours in support of over 300 Central Texas nonprofit organizations, including several of our favorites: the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders, Dell Children's Medical Center Foundation, and the Central Texas Blood and Tissue Center. Click here from 7 pm Monday, March 4th to 7 pm Tuesday, March 5th to make a donation and make a difference. Thanks, y'all, and Happy Texas Independence Day!

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