Sunday, March 2, 2014


Even though there was no 29th day of February this year, you better believe we marked the occasion of Georgia's 22nd month off treatment! Before we know it, we'll be whooping it up when she hits the TWO YEAR mark! This week, however, she hasn't been feeling so hot, thanks to what the pediatrician says is either allergies or the beginnings of a sinus infection. But she was still up and at 'em yesterday for her cousin's band concert and is looking forward to our favorite night of television for the year: The Oscars!

Yesterday, Georgia sent out a message to SuperMax and friends at his Loom-a-thon:

And we're sending more love and light to him today as he undergoes surgery:

This week, Georgia has an endocrinology appointment, and we'll schedule her second bone density scan. She's still having trouble with her ankles, so hopefully, we can get a good look at everything and make adjustments to our current plan of attack. Even with a fair amount of pain, our girl just keeps swimming - and smiling. Over four years after diagnosis, and she is unstoppable!

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  1. Love to Georgia on 22 months off treatment! Hope you feel better!! Love, The Bacons