Friday, February 28, 2014

Rainbow Connection

We have been in a glorious whirl for the past 36 hours, thanks to our buddy, SuperMax of MaxLove Project fame. Inspired by his love for - and incredible talent with - the Rainbow Loom, he decided to loom the World's Longest Rainbow Loom Chain and invited the WORLD to join him. Kids from all over have been sending in loom creations and supplies to help him get the world record, and he will be celebrating his 7th birthday by fundraising with a Loom-a-Thon tomorrow! 

The Parkside Community School Rainbow Loom Club sprang into action 
and sent in close to 50 feet of rainbow love!

In the last few weeks, word has really gotten around about our SuperFriend and his SuperPowers and his SuperHEART, and SuperMax was invited to appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show on Wednesday night! Jimmy had been holding his own Rainbow Loom event where he invited kids to send in loom creations that he had made into a suit. He wore the finished product on the show and then donated it to be auctioned off for the MaxLove Project! Currently, the bidding is over $30,000 - 100% of which will go to help kids thrive against cancer!

Max in his Rainbow Loom cape

 He also got to meet Iron Man and ... Ellen!

Max did SO well on the show, and Jimmy was clearly moved by his bravery and strength. Watch and share the video below, and help us continue to spread the MaxLOVE for kids fighting cancer! And keep Max in your thoughts and prayers as he undergoes a big surgery on Sunday. You can follow his journey on Facebook at Team SuperMax. Thank you, Max, and keep on beating those bad guys!

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  1. What an incredible opportunity and way to spread the word about fighting pediatric cancer!