Sunday, February 16, 2014

Out for a Morning Run

This morning, we had the pleasure of once again volunteering for the Austin Marathon and Half Marathon. Instead of our usual gig with Superhero Kids, we helped out at the Parkside water stop at Mile 1.7. Being that close to the start meant we had to be there e-a-r-l-y, but Georgia and the friends she enlisted were bright-eyed and ready to go when we woke them at 4:30 AM! Even after a sleepover and glorified "nap" of four hours, they were all so sweet and eager to help. And we needed all hands on deck because the runners came by in pretty much one big pack of 10,000! It was fun and very inspiring, as always, and our "crew" is ready to do it again next year.

Good Morning!

 Waiting for runners

Practicing their form

Sassy Magee at 6 AM

 In action!

All done! Thanks, girls!

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