Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just Super

Another marathon, another super awesome time at the Superhero Kids water stop! It was a chilly morning, but it turned into a perfect race day, so we were happy to be there to cheer on the runners. We'll definitely be back next year!

We made special signs for some of our friends, including Dianna, Kalee, and Jessica, who came down from Frisco to run the half marathon. Kalee's son, Grayson, is a fellow ALL warrior, and his team is G Force!

No, YOU are. A Superhero and a SuperSib!

Georgia's clinic appointment went very well yesterday, and she even did the blood draw without any numbing cream on her arm. She's done it before, in a pinch, but this was the first time we decided beforehand to try it without the cream. Her numbers are excellent, so we'll go back in a month. Also, Dr. Neff ordered a bone density scan to give us another good piece to the ankle puzzle. Knowledge is power, right? Yes!

That's the haps around Peachy Keen HQ. Have a SUPER week, y'all!

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