Wednesday, January 29, 2014

21 Months OT!

It's the 29th, so you know what that means! One more month away from the end of treatment and closer to being officially cancer-free! Georgia's had a good week, despite her continued ankle trouble, which we'll discuss at her clinic appointment next week. It takes a lot to slow our girl down, as you know, and not even the TWO Snow/Ice/Texans-Can't-Drive-in-This Days we've had in the last week could do it! She still made it to Ann Richards on Saturday to lead tours for the Open House, as well as her regular Library Minion duties before and after school. She also got to visit the three high school pathway classes (like a concentrated elective or "major" for all four years of high school) to help her decide which one to choose: Biomedical Science, Engineering, or Media Technology. She enjoyed all three, and was torn between two, but when the Media Tech teacher said "If you like art and creative writing, you'll love this class." her choice was made! She'll be learning all aspects of filmmaking using the latest technology and will make short films and documentaries and even do some claymation - which she has a bit of experience in, if you'll recall ...

All in all, this first month of 2014 has been a little bumpy, but nothing that Georgia can't handle. We hope y'all are staying warm where you are! This crazy winter weather always creates blood supply shortages as regular donors can't make their standing appointments, so if you are able to donate this week - or any week - please contact your local blood center and give the gift of life. Thanks, y'all!

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