Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Birthday Recap

December 30th is a special day around here for many reasons, but the best and most worthy of celebrating is Georgia's birthday! 14! And if you do the math there, you'll see that our girl entered this world in the waning hours of 1999 - she was almost The Millennium Baby! She was organized from the beginning, see, making it so that her age is the same as whatever year it is. 14 in 2014, and so on. Nice and neat.

This year, we began the Big Day the way we always begin birthdays - a tiny cake, candles, and serenades delivered to the Birthday Girl while she's still in bed. Always a hit, except for the flash of Mommy's camera first thing in the morning. Hence, no photos to post. : ) But there were birthday socks, too!
Next, we set off for a bit of shopping, followed by lunch at Torchy's Tacos, then downtown to catch the latest Hobbit movie at the Alamo Drafthouse.

After dinner at Frank & Angie's, we caught an Austin-themed light show at Mozart's - which also happens to have delicious hot chocolate!

Back at home, the traditional Birthday Scavenger Hunt unfolded, and Georgia was especially pleased with the items related to her new-found love of tea. It's a library worker thing, she tells me.

These Chucks with Stars were also well-received by our very own STAR:

And who doesn't want their very own Hobbit house?

We capped off the festivities with a rainbow tie-dye cake, made with love by Mommy and Daddy.

It was such a fun day. A wonderful day that we've always been thankful for and will always look forward to. We're also looking forward to big and exciting things happening for Georgia this year, so please stay tuned! And thank you, as always, for Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind!

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