Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Ripple Effect(s)

St. Baldrick's has a new website and just released this wonderful video. In simple terms and images, it delivers a great message about the ripple effect of childhood cancer and how each one of us can do something to help find cures and make a difference for kids in the fight around the world. We are so proud to be a part of this amazing organization and so grateful for the awareness and funding they bring to childhood cancer.

The Childhood Cancer Ripple Effect from The St. Baldrick's Foundation

Georgia had her monthly clinic appointment on Wednesday, and while her counts were outstanding (yay!), her joint pains have returned, specifically in her left ankle. We've discussed the issue several times during and after treatment, and usually, thanks to one remedy or another or just the plain-old-waiting-game, it passes. But because she's nearly nine months out of treatment, and we can't point to any injuries that would cause it, we decided to get an x-ray. It appears she may have a stress fracture, but we need to confirm that and/or rule out any other bone or joint problems that can be caused by steroids and chemotherapy. So, she's scheduled for an MRI on Monday, and we should have the results a day or two later. If nothing else, we're glad to finally be able to take a look at it and get her on the mend so she can hit the swimming pool soon - it's been a long, dry winter for our little fish (5'5" is still little, right?)!

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