Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Nine Months OT!

Today's the 29th, so Georgia's been off treatment for NINE months! We marked the occasion with frozen yogurt and this:

A trip to the orthopedist and a lovely parting gift.

Georgia does have a compression fracture and other signs of bone loss, but, from the MRI, it was hard to tell the extent of the damage and/or if it's in other areas. She hasn't complained of pain anywhere other than her ankle, and the other times we've dealt with this over the last three years, it's always been confined to her ankles and feet, and sometimes her wrists and/or knees. So for now, she gets to rock the boot for four weeks in order to let the fracture heal, and we're going to test her calcium and Vitamin D levels to see if those need pumping up. We'll visit with both Dr. Neff and Dr. Murdock in February, and see where Georgia is at that time and what's up next. Clearly, she doesn't mind the boot, and she said that Ivy will have fun helping her pump it up every morning. The best news is that Dr. Murdock said she can start swimming as soon as she feels up to it and that it would be great therapy for her. Oh yes, this we know!

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