Sunday, July 8, 2012

From Bench to Bedside

That's a critical component of medical research - getting the findings (whatever form they may be in) from the lab to the patient. And as childhood cancer research is our priority, any news of that leg of the journey being successful is cause for celebration. So here are a couple of articles making the rounds this week that highlight some promising, although very novel, breakthroughs in the treatment of ALL and, perhaps, other cancers.

First, from our friends at St. Baldrick's, Fighting Childhood Cancer with Leukemia Immunotherapy. THIS is why I'm shaving my fool head in three weeks with the 46 Mommas. St. Baldrick's is solely dedicated to conquering childhood cancer, and your generous donations produce results like this. Thank you!

Next, In Treatment for Leukemia, Glimpses of the Future. A three-time leukemia survivor was treated with a drug used for advanced kidney cancer based on information learned from a whole genome sequencing of both his cancer cells and his healthy cells. This survivor is also a physician researcher devoted to the study of blood cancers.

We're getting there. I just know it! Funds = Research = CURES. Now watch this sweet video put together by the teenage daughter of one of my fierce Momma friends. Great work, Fiona and Bekah!

THREE WEEKS 'til I Shave for the Brave!

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