Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Forward Motion

With so many tidbits to share, I think some bullet points are in order:
  • Georgia had her third OT appointment today and, most likely, her very last port access! Her counts continue to look good, and the increase in her energy level is so awesome to see - she's got her full sparkle back! Her next appointment is the morning of her port removal, so we may have to access it one more time, but she is ready to get that thing OUT! 
  • Thanks to all that rain we've been wanting and needing, our CureSearch Night at the Round Rock Express game was cancelled, so we're working on rescheduling it. I'll post details when I have them. 
  • Last week, President Obama signed the FDA Reform Act (which included the Creating Hope Act), and this is a great summary from St. Baldrick's of what this means to childhood cancer warriors and survivors. Again, thank you to everyone who helped make this happen!
  • Also from St. Baldrick's, here is the press release for the 46 Mommas shave NEXT WEEK! I'm inching ever closer to my goal and would love to get there before I head to Cali! With your generous donation, you can fund lifesaving research and help conquer childhood cancer, so please, put a price on my head!
  • Finally, Votre Vu, a skincare and cosmetics company, is sponsoring the 46 Mommas by donating one dollar to St. Baldrick's for every product sold from their new French Accents cosmetics line. We're attending a promotional event on Friday to help kick off the campaign here in Austin, with a decked-out Airstream trailer (the Vu BAR), no less! How cool is that?
As always, we so appreciate your continued support of Georgia and our family. We've still got a ways to go, but we're thrilled to see her returning to her whole health more and more each day. In fact, the stronger she gets, the more determined we are to keep pushing for better, safer treatments for all kids in the fight against childhood cancer. We couldn't make the difference we do without your help, so many thanks, and much love, to all of you. Onward!

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