Sunday, July 15, 2012

Busy Busy

Mark you calendars for August 20th - that's the day we say ADIOS to Georgia's port! The surgery consultation on Wednesday went very well, but we didn't think she'd have adequate time to heal before heading to camp in August, so we'll do it when she gets back. It would kind of put a damper on things if she couldn't swim in the river, right? Especially for our little fish, so August 20th it is. Yay!

As it happens, Georgia and Ivy both spent some time last week in the Sabinal River in Utopia, Texas with their grandparents, Romy and Ratty. Then, I took them to Houston and Galveston to see GG and the cousins. Despite all the rain (which we certainly didn't mind!), we were able to do several fun things, like see "Singing in the Rain" on the big screen and visit the Moody Gardens Aquarium.

Shark cage!

Tonight is CureSearch Night at the Round Rock Express game, so we're on our way to volunteer and get folks signed up for the walk in September. This week, Georgia begins a three-week creative writing camp in the mornings, and she's got a clinic appointment on Wednesday. We'll keep you posted on our busy girl's schedule - if we can keep up with her!

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