Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May, We Thank You

What a month it has been - something special and wonderful every week. Today, Georgia spent the day at Schlitterbahn with the Upper Elementary class, and she has the pink shoulders to prove it! She and her daddy had a great time, and I'm sure they'll both sleep very well tonight. Tomorrow is her last full day of school, as we're set for day surgery on Thursday, and Friday is the much-loved Gates of Life ceremony for all the students and staff members moving on to new classes, new schools, new paths. I've already got the jumbo tissue pack stuffed in my purse.

Looking back at this school year, we are so amazed and so grateful that Georgia had such an exceptional time. We anticipated her missing quite a few days as her immune system is still compromised, but thanks to her iron will, and the tremendous care and attention of our Parkside family, she was rarely absent outside of appointment days. She learned much, laughed often, and grew in every sense of the word. In fact, that really applies to the entire five years we were so lucky to have her in this magical place. Thank you, Joe, Claire, and the whole Parkside community - we love you all!

Our memory page in the yearbook -
shh, it's a surprise!


  1. Parkside will miss Georgia next year! Good luck, Georgia, your strength and spirit have inspired every single member of the Parkside community forever.