Friday, May 6, 2011

El Numero Quatro

Yesterday, Georgia kicked off her fourth 3-month cycle of maintenance with her 20th day surgery. Got all that? She did so well that by the time I got back to recovery, she was already wide awake and halfway through her first popsicle! This time, the note on her back said, "Celebrating 20 LPs!" (lumbar punctures) - she just loves to joke with Dr. Neff. Those two!

We're anticipating at least two more cycles of maintenance after this one, and then whatever we do to get us the rest of the way to April 29, 2012 - or thereabouts. With that in mind, Georgia would have just 3-4 more day surgeries over the next year! That's something to celebrate! So we did, with a picnic on the Capitol grounds today. The weather was lovely, and the company was, too.
Next week, we'll wrap up the Man & Woman of the Year campaign with a grand finale at The Driskill Hotel. Georgia will be in full Girl of the Year mode, and yours truly is giving a speech. Speaking of, here's a very sweet video one of the candidates put together for his campaign - tissues at the ready ...

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day!


  1. Happy Mother's Day to you, too. Loving the video. I'm so proud of her and her sis. xoxo to you all! Also, loved the note to the doctor -- hilarious!

  2. Love the video! Thanks for the tissue alert...I needed it. Happy mothers day Courtney....enjoy your beautiful girls!