Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There She Goes Again

Well, Georgia's quest for World Media Domination continues as she did another radio interview today! She was a special guest on The Dr. Carol Show, along with Dr. Lockhart from the clinic, and the topic of the day was childhood cancer research and ... St. Baldrick's! To hear a recording of the live show, click on the Dr. Carol link above, then "Archives," and then "March 9th, 3-4 pm." We are always more than happy to help get the word out about the importance of research, so thank you, Dr. Carol and Al, and thank you, Matilda from Dell Children's for setting this up and including all four of us!

Georgia and Dr. Carol

Speaking of St. Baldrick's, we are almost to 75% of our goal! We've got 10 days to go, and we really want to hit that 100%, so please click on the Hope banner in the sidebar if you'd like to donate. The event's overall goal last year was $70K, and we brought in over $96K - so this year, we're shooting for $100K, and with your help, we can do it! Thank you!

Finally, I'll ask for your help on one more thing: Day Surgery tomorrow. We are so lucky and very blessed to have such wonderful support, which has helped to carry Georgia through to this point. I just hope you know how much your prayers and good thoughts mean to her - and all of us. We love you!

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