Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Baldrick's Wrap Up

Another year, another GREAT St. Baldrick's event at Dell Children's! At press time, the total amount raised was nearly $115,000 - and counting! Georgia had a great time volunteering at the t-shirt table with me and the nurses and running around to all the activities (and getting her hair sprayed BLUE!) with Ivy. Our dear friend and neighbor, Mr. Weldon, was brave enough to get bald in honor of our girl and raised over $1,000 for the cause - so awesome! Donations will continue to be accepted throughout 2011, so feel free to support St. Baldrick's and childhood cancer research anytime!

This week, Georgia has a guitar recital, a video project, and the much-loved Parkside campout! Luckily, we're slowly but surely putting the finishing touches on her new room (she and Ivy have always shared a room to this point), so she has a brand-new bed to fall into at the end of her busy days. And being the LLS Girl of the Year has its perks, too - warm cookies and cold milk delivered to our door tonight in honor of Georgia's acceptance to the Ann Richards School! Thank you, Sarah, and all of the MWOY candidates!

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  1. Georgia! Congratulations on getting into the Ann Richards School - what great news! Looking forward to seeing you at next Man & Woman of the Year event.

    - Adrienne Colburn
    from Mark Bellman's team