Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give Courage

Once again, Georgia sailed through her day surgery without incident. While she was in the procedure room, we were in the waiting room, and the pianist in the lobby of the hospital actually played "Georgia on My Mind." It was perfect and kept us focused on our warrior girl.

Watching her undergo these day surgeries so many times, so easily, you might forget how brave Georgia is and how much courage all kids in treatment have to muster up every day. To symbolize that courage, and to have a tangible reminder of their incredible journeys, many children, like Georgia, participate in an amazing arts-in-medicine program called Beads of Courage. Originally started for oncology patients, the program now reaches children battling cardiac conditions, burn injuries, and other serious illnesses and offers them beads for things like every needle poke, procedure, or night in the hospital. Georgia got three awesome beads for hair loss, and we made two of them into earrings for St. Baldrick's!

Recently, CBS News profiled the program:

Awesome, right? So how about this gift idea ...

Give Beads

You can actually donate glass or polymer clay beads or make a general donation to help bring Beads of Courage to every child who is battling a life-threatening illness. We are very passionate about this program and have seen first-hand the incredible boost these kids get from carefully selecting their beads and wearing them with pride. Georgia is on her third string and loves being able to record and share each step of her journey, each act of courage, one bead at a time.


  1. That is so cool! Love it! Keep collecting, that video was so touching:) Love Claire