Sunday, December 19, 2010

Bon Voyage

Well, almost! It's not quite time yet, but Saturday, we went to Georgia's Make-a-Wish trip Departure Party! Everyone was so lovely, and we all enjoyed meeting some of the generous folks who either work or volunteer with the organization or who "adopted" Georgia's wish and helped raise funds to make it come true. It takes a lot of helping hands and open hearts to grant these wishes, and yet, we were able to celebrate with two other families going to Disneyworld, so imagine the time and energy that went into making that happen! Which made us think of another gift idea ...

Give Wishes

Whether you offer your time, talents, or treasures, the Make-a-Wish Foundation gladly accepts and greatly appreciates any kind of "help" you can give. An easy way to support the Central Texas chapter with a $5 donation is by texting WISHKIDS to 90999. Or go here to the national site to see the many ways you can make a child's one heartfelt wish come true!

Thank you, Kathryn and Scott, for a GREAT party!

CAKE! And how 'bout those contacts? Looking good!

Thank you, Barfield Family and Casis Elementary!

Thank you, Fowler Family, Good Shepherd, and their "Secret Santa!"

Thank you, Make-a-Wish Foundation!


  1. Wow, did Georgia just grow like three inches? Or maybe it's the contacts -- she looks taller. You girls are just too sweet. I love your smiles. Have an amazing trip. You've earned it through strength, bravery and love. xoxoxoxo.

  2. Love your pictures. Have a wonderful trip to Disneyworld. I will look forward to hearing about all the activities that are available. Have a blessed Christmas and a VERY HEALTHY new year. Love, Beverly

  3. We came to GattiTown to see Georgia and fell in LOVE with each of you! What a precious family and an amazing trip ahead of you! You gave us the biggest gift of a precious new friend and what a wonderful blog. Truly amazing how you are sharing and using your difficulties for good! Georgia, your beautiful smile is contagious! We are so proud to know such a BRAVE and STRONG little girl! Love to you all! Mary Bentley and Jan

  4. Whoo Hoo! Have a GREAT time on your trip and tell Mickey i said hello:) Hey my mom said we can set up a skype account! Maybe we can do it sometime!! Have a great christmas! love claire

  5. My name is Clare Worthy and I run Quilts 4 Leukaemia ( I found your blog while doing a blog search for ALL.

    We would like to make a quilt for Georgia.

    If this is ok, perhaps you could forward me your mailing address.

    Enjoy your trip!

  6. We had such a great time at the Bon Voyage party and Josh and I have both poured over this blog. I have the card you gave us sitting out on the desk for all to see and as a reminder to think about and pray for you all. I so enjoyed meeting your whole family and am so impressed by Georgia. When we first had Elle and Johnny one of the most important things I stressed over was how to parent just right to produce sweet, kind children. :-) You have done just that...have a great trip! We look forward to seeing the blog updates!

    :-) Kristen Pottinger (and Josh, Elle and Johnny)