Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Last But Not Least

Tomorrow, Georgia starts the final phase of treatment - Delayed Intensification. Emphasis on that last part there. All told, over the next eight weeks or so, she'll have three more day surgeries and two more rounds of Erwinia shots, plus a whole lot of other medicine, but THEN ... knock on wood ... she'll be through! And moving on to maintenance! The good news is, she's had a wonderful break and is feeling great right now, but she needs our support to finish this fight! We have been overwhelmed and lifted up by all of the love shown to our family these past six months - it has made such a difference in Georgia's recovery - so thank you thank you thank you. That said, the Peachy Keens have rededicated ourselves to helping her stay positive, focused, and strong in this last leg of primary treatment, and any good thoughts, prayers, and wishes you can send her way would, as always, be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for everything and for Keepin' Georgia on Your Mind! We love y'all!


  1. Wishing you an easy, un-eventful last stretch... Our thoughts and prayers are will all the Peachy Keens!

  2. We've got you all on our minds! We love you!

  3. We're keeping up with all the goings on, and our thoughts and prayers are right there with you!