Sunday, June 20, 2010

Film, Fish, and Fathers

What a week! Ivy thoroughly enjoyed (her words) "Information" Bible School, while Georgia had the best time at claymation camp - she said she can't wait to do it again next year. She and her group worked very hard on their project, which starred an apple, an orange, a worm, and ... a shadow hand. It's a love story, of course. We'll get a DVD of the finished piece, and there's a real screening of all of this summer's projects in August, so we've got that to look forward to. Thanks so much to the Austin Film Society for the experience!

Yesterday, we spent the afternoon dancing with sharks! Yes, you read that right! Thanks to Starlight, we were treated to a dance party at Qua, which has a shark tank for a dance floor. First, a marine biologist did a presentation all about sharks and how they rescue and care for the ones they keep. Then, a local author read from his children's book, Shark vs. Train, and after that, we all got our groove on:

Today, we celebrated Father's Day by taking a blindfolded Daddy to the movies. We did let him take the blindfold off to actually see the movie, which was Toy Story 3, which we loved. Then lunch at Waterloo and a quick trip to Border's for MORE books, and we spent the rest of the day "kickin' back," as Ivy says. Georgia is feeling great right now, so we've got a couple of fun things planned for next week before we start up again on Thursday.

For now, Happy Father's Day to Trevor, Ratty, Poppa, Dr. Neff, Dr. Wells, and all the other amazing dads out there! Have a great week!

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