Sunday, June 13, 2010

Coming Soon ...

to a billboard near you ... Georgia! Promoting the incredible place that is Dell Children's Medical Center! Our girl was very honored to be asked to pose for a billboard as part of a new ad campaign, so she went for her very professional photo shoot on Saturday and had a blast. She's the only actual patient of the four kids featured, but the doctors are all doctors at DCMC, and everyone's wearing ... Groucho glasses! We're not sure when the billboards will be up or where they'll be, but we'll post a picture as soon as we see hers. Be on the lookout if you're in the Austin area around mid-July!

Tuesday night, we were treated to a sneak preview of "The Karate Kid," courtesy of the Starlight Children's Foundation. Even though we're not big martial arts fans, we all enjoyed the movie, most (or all?) of which was shot in China, so the scenery was beautiful. And from now until June 20th, if you buy your tickets on Fandango, $1 from each ticket will go to help Starlight provide more fun free events for seriously ill children and their families, so go see it!

Finally, this week, Georgia will be attending Claymation Camp, courtesy of the amazing Austin Film Society. She is beyond excited, especially since she missed out on completing her class claymation project at school this spring. Thankfully, the stars aligned just so, and this happens to be a great week for her to have some fun for a few hours each morning. So now Mommy just has to actually let her go ... : )


  1. We will look for the billboard!!

    Hope you enjoyed The Karate Kid.

    And have a BLAST at claymation camp!!

    (Kelly's Mom)

    Kelly Ernst, who just finished her 3 years in LE1 and will be entering Upper El in August!!

  2. So cool!! can't wait to see it (I assume you'll post it!)!!

  3. The Nichols GirlsJune 14, 2010 at 9:19 AM

    Wow Girl! You will look fabulous on the billboard! Be sure to post it so that the non-natives will see it....I bet the movie was great too! I hope youenjoy your claymation camp! It sounds like SO MUCH FUN!!!! Bye 4 now:-) Claire

  4. Miss Georgia, I cannot wait to see your billboard in Austin.Lolly told me the exciting news when I saw her last week in S.A.You are becoming quite the celebrity! I am sure the reason that they chose you was because of your wonderful attitude as well as your precious, radiant smile!Have fun at the Claymation Camp.I will be looking for your billboard in mid July. Love and prayers, Sandy Mangum

  5. Hi Georgia and everyone else too! Hope you all are enjoying the summer and staying cool. I can't wait to see you on the billboard! How exciting. Here is something sort of funny-- recently Jeff told me a series of "Chuck Norris" jokes and I realized that a while back you told me what I now know to be a joke about how Chuck Norris ordered a big mac at burger king. Well, I told quite a few people about that but as an interesting true fact--not a joke! Anyway, hope to see you all soon!
    XOXO Aunt Meghan

  6. Found you through CJane's FB, of all places, and wanted to come out in support of your Georgia. What a smile on her sweet face! Prayers for her,
    Maggie May

  7. Georgia, I'd like to see a claymation of the Karate Kid. Think you could pull this one off after camp?

    We're cheering for you here in Provo, Utah!

    (c jane)