Thursday, March 2, 2017

Love Amplified

As of yesterday-ish (no February 29th this year), Georgia is two months away from being Officially Cancer-Free. TWO! She's got lots of school work to do and tests to take between now and then, so the time will pass pretty quickly, methinks, but it's just incredible how long we've had April 29, 2017 in our sights. We are so looking forward to celebrating with everyone, virtually and at our home, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being with us every step of this journey! 

I was reminded today of a particular part of the journey that Georgia had to endure 25 times, so I've included it as today's moment to remember. 

Also on my mind is the community that was there for us literally every day during the hardest parts of Georgia's treatment - our dear Parkside Community School. Everyone rallied around us, took tender care of Ivy, and held space for Georgia in every sense of the word while she was unable to go to school. That incredible kindness allowed us to breathe and gave us hope that she would soon be back where she belonged. And all of this is on top of the wonderful Montessori education they received. They are the inspired students and compassionate, creative humans they are because of Parkside, and we are forever grateful. 

Today is Amplify Austin Day, a 24-hour online giving campaign for hundreds of local non-profit organizations. If you believe in supporting good, good people doing good for the world, please consider donating to Parkside in honor of Joe and Claire, our directors and loving angels on Earth.

Georgia and Joe on her first day of 5th grade, after eight months away from school.

With Claire on Georgia's last day of 5th grade - and last day at Parkside ...

 The whole gang on Ivy's last day at Parkside - two months post-shave. : )

Five days left to order Georgia's t-shirt design - and she's just 16 shirts away from her goal!

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