Friday, July 1, 2016

'Tis the Gift

It's July?! This summer is flying by! Georgia is already one week into her writing conference, and if the saying "no news is good news" holds true, she is having a great time! Actually, we have heard from her in a few texts and a couple of phone calls, but she is so very busy writing - and watching movies, singing the Hamilton cast album, and playing wild games of Spoons - that we may just have to wait until we pick her up to get the full report. I did get this picture from the conference Facebook page, though. The first night, they were challenged to write a poem inspired by an old photograph, and you can see our young poet at work in the second picture. : )

Wednesday was the 29th, so Georgia is now 10 months away from Official Cancer-Freedom! To mark the occasion, we're looking back on this moment to remember, Georgia Day at our beloved Parkside Community School. We are still so grateful for the overwhelming love Georgia and Ivy - and all of us - received from the community, and I know that support helped us navigate Georgia's treatment in countless ways. 

And seeing as it IS July, I'll just go ahead and remind everyone that:

In 22 days. And I'm shaving in 23. Please help grant my fondest birthday wish and click HERE to donate to the St. Baldrick's Foundation and childhood cancer research. Thank you, and Happy July!

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