Wednesday, April 27, 2016

In The Bag*

If this bag could talk ... It's been to every appointment, every surgery, every everything since Georgia was diagnosed - including today's survivorship appointment, where her counts were deemed, "Super! Beautiful!" Just like her. 

The appointment went very well, and pending the results of her EKG and echocardiogram this summer, she can move to annual visits! This will be the longest she's ever gone between oncology appointments, but with all signs pointing upward and onward since she's been off treatment, we all feel comfortable with that schedule. So, fingers and toes crossed, we won't be back to the clinic until her fifth year off treatment anniversary ... when she'll officially be cancer-free. THAT visit will definitely merit a party! 

We are gearing up for that day starting Friday, when we'll celebrate Georgia's fourth year off treatment, and then the BIG countdown will begin! Stay tuned ... xo

*Thank you, Kelly's Team, for The Bag and for all that you do to support area families.

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