Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Happy New Baby is SIXTEEN today. Sweet, to be sure, but also Smart, Silly, Strong, Soulful, and a Survivor. Six years from diagnosis tomorrow, and 16 months until she is officially cancer-free ... so much to celebrate.

We all enjoyed a Day of Fun together, starting with breakfast tacos and presents, then a bit of shopping, a second viewing of Star Wars (in 3D at the IMAX!), and a wonderful Christmas light show at a local coffee house. The highlight of the day, other than the obvious, was ... Georgia's first driving lesson! We went to the empty parking lot at the football stadium, and although she was a bit nervous at first, Georgia slipped behind the wheel and proceeded to do an excellent job. As with everything she does, she is a very thoughtful driver and made great strides in just an hour. And in the end, she had fun, too! We are literally miles and miles away from where we were six years ago, and to be sharing her 16th birthday and this big milestone with her is a gift for all of us. Happy, Healthy Everything to our Special girl!

Good morning, glory - ready for cake in bed?

 Favorite gift was the pro art markers for our animator!

 Festive way to end a perfect day


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