Thursday, December 24, 2015


December (aka The Month of Georgia) is full of many events for all of us here at Peachy Keen HQ - and just as many emotions. Six years ago today, Christmas Eve, I took Georgia to the pediatrician after a week of her having a low-grade fever and general fatigue. And even though I was assured it was just a bug and that she would be fine in no time, her symptoms continued and then worsened. Six days later, we were back for bloodwork, sent directly to the hospital, and sitting in the pediatric oncology unit on her 10th birthday. The next day, we were one of 46 families who were told that their child has cancer.

We know that all of you, our Friends of Georgia, know this story and know our journey because you've been with us every step of the way. And because of your love, support, and generosity, we have a happy, healthy almost-16-year-old in our midst and have raised over $100,000 for childhood cancer research. Just this week, two dear friends coordinated separate fundraising efforts in honor of Georgia, and the inspiration to help kids fighting cancer continues to grow within and without our circle of allies. And we are so, so grateful for all of it!

That said, this is a time of reflection and remembrance on many levels, and it's hard to believe that six years have past since Georgia's cancer story began. Besides the daily reminder in my mind and on my heart,  I look at this picture every day:

It was taken exactly two weeks before Georgia was diagnosed, and I keep it up on my dresser mirror still as a reminder that this is what childhood cancer looks like. Normal, healthy little girls, dancing in The Nutcracker and celebrating Christmas with their little sisters, get cancer.

And so, as you know, we are dedicated to funding research and supporting other families who find themselves in this place just as inexplicably as we did. If you haven't made a donation yet or are still making your year-end donations, we would so appreciate your consideration of the St. Baldrick's Foundation. Because thanks to scientists and doctors and the research you help fund, I also get to see this picture every day:

This is what survivorship looks like. 

Happy Holidays and much love from all of us.

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